@Diogu bom dia, vc tem alguma informação sobre a votação nos nodes ?!

Acham que a Iost pode chegar a quantos sats? Com a Mainnet?

Cara para de perguntar isso, como já te disseram antes ninguém pode prever o futuro

Heya! I found a group called @MagicChimera and they made me some good profits! They do give free calls in their telegram and discord - Only on Binance NO PUMP OR DUMP .

Nova moeda digital Saiu reportagem até na exame bora garantir logo uns token Video no YouTube : https://youtu.be/aRBInAxAJ8w

Hey all! Are you also tired of losing money by this bear market? Well i was, and i found a group ( @ChimeraToday )! They give legit Binance calls, and capture all their trades in an online PUBLIC profitsheet. NO PUMP OR DUMP OR ANY OTHER SCAMS!

Hi all! I was losing money for so long by this never ending bear market, however lately i found a group called @ChimeraOfGold ! They give calls on Binance and documentate all their trades! I finally made some profit again, phew! Happy weekend & Enjoy!

Opa boa noite galera! Seguinte solicitei o saque dos meus tokens gostaria de saber se é demorado para esse valor cair na carteira ?

poderia me explicar por gentileza

Heya! Have a great weekend! After 6 months of losing money, i found a group - @TheChimeraCrew - and they give calls on Binance, every call is being documentated in their Profitsheet! Enjoy, you won't regret it! NO PUMP OR DUMP!

Hey! I'm a small crypto investor, I'm fairly new to crypto! But i found a group a while ago @TheGemChimera and they gave a few calls this year and i made a some good bucks on it! So i'm trying to spread the word for them! They only give calls on Binance, and always state why they take a specific call.

Hey, have a great weekend! I'm fairly new to crypto, and a friend of my told me about a group called @FidelityChimera ! Well, i made my first small profit a few days ago! Not shocking but, well its something lol :-) Anyways, as good gesture I thought I spread the word about them! They do NOT participate neither organise a pump or dump! Only calls on Binance.

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Finalmente iost esta andando!

Hi! I found a group which was shared in another group 3-4 days ago! They told me to buy BNB and I did, and well we all know what happened next! The group is called @ChimeraOfTheMoon ! All the proof of this call is in their telegram, screenshots etc! Im super happy, so as good gesture i try to spread the word about them! They don't do pump and dump! Only calls on Binance/Bitmex!

bon dia amigos desde o nodo iost medi e con a participacao de o monedero token pocket imos dar unhas 500 novas contas pra comunidade, si vos necesitas iost conta obrigado contactarnos

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BUENAS A TODOS!! NOTICIA DE REUNIÓN🏼 Como un punto caliente de blockchain, ¿cuál es el status de blockchain en Latinoamérica? ¿Cómo construir IOST y florecer la ecología blockchain en Latinoamérica? UTC 1:00 am, 3 Abril, 10ª reunión del ICAC: Conferencia del Desarrollo de Blockchain en LatAm y Reclutamiento de IOST LatAm Socios, el iniciador de ICAC Global y el primer presidente Michael, el CEO de IOST Jimmy Zhong, el fundador de Bitprim Juan, Alberto, Efrain... asistirán a esta reunión y discutiremos los temas anteriore, Mantente atento😆😆!

muy buena lo he visto hoy en twotter mola algun zoom link? para unirse en remote?

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BTC is getting some traction! Amazing! 5.2K now! Wahoo! I have been following a group which was shared a lot lately - @TheInnerBullCircle - and I was super skeptical at first but actually they give fine calls, they are quite okay actually! They do document all their trades in an online profit sheet. So far I have only seen Binance calls, and no pump and dump shit!

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