​​⚡️ Current BCN (Bytecoin) Pump - One of most sophisticated and bizzare PnD in Crypto. Everything you need to know. ⚡️ Just want to shine some light on what's happening with Bytecoin (BCN), as it is one of the more sophisticated pump and dumps. So let us first briefly tell you what happened. Earlier today BCN was trading at around 72 satoshi on both HitBTC and Poloniex, quickly increasing 30% when the news of the Binance listing came along. It opened on Binance at around 300 satoshi and over the past few hours the price has risen to 2320 satoshi on Binance, whereas the current price on HitBTC and Poloniex is at 190 satoshi. To put this into perspective, the circulating supply of BCN is 183,878,867,869 (taken from CMC), whereas the current price on Binance is 0.22$. This puts BCN on a market cap of 40 billion $; right on the third position, between Ethereum and Ripple. We've been following it closely and found that withdrawals from HitBTC and Poloniex were not working nor was the BCN webwallet. When checking their blockchain explorer we find that no new blocks have been mined for the past 2 hours. The trading on BCN started at 06:02 UTC and since that time only 46 blocks have been mined, containing a total of 997 transactions. The number of transactions that went through seems very small for a coin that just went up over 32x in a few hours. Thus most investors are not actually able to sell their BCN on Binance. This still caused a 150%+ surge on exchanges such as HitBTC and Poloniex. Not saying that the Bytecoin team is involved, but it seems very shady that their coin got listed at a time that (nearly) no one is able to move the token towards Binance. More importantly we think it's curious that Binance still listed a coin that is (nearly) impossible to move around and thus easy to manipulate. Not only by listing BCN, but also by keeping trading enabled while there's such a huge price discrepancy between different exchanges, while there's no ability to arbitrage it. We've seen the same kind of pumps happening before on coins that couldn't be moved around, for example Bitcoin Diamond. Of course, these things happen in unregulated markets. However we think that Binance should take a stance and lead by example on this, as these kind of events hurt the reputation of the crypto markets. Especially the regular joe will get burned trading a coin like this. This story is still in development and we will keep you updated on the same.

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1. 26th May BTC having a Strong News Called MicroBitcoin Hard-Fork #MicroBitcoin:- Micro Bitcoin aims to encourage Micro-Payments for Bitcoin Holders by Providing a Secure and Sustainable Open Source Community and Ecosystem of Users, Developers, and Miners by means of a Hard-Fork of the Bitcoin Blockchain. --------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Nasadaq Going to Launch Own Crypto Exchange Where People Can Exchange Fiat Currency into CryptoCurrencies They Will Be Mostly Focusing on Adding #BTC, #LTC, #BCC, #ETH and 2 More Not Mentioned Yet (May Be XRP and ADA) This is a Bull News For BTC as Well As ALTS Market, As Fresh Money Will Be Entering into Crypto Market --------------------------------------------------------------- 3. #NYSE (NewYork Stock Exchange) Also Will be Developing a Trading Platform Where Investors Can Buy, Hold and Sell Bitcoins..!! Do You Guys Know #NYSE's MarketCap ??? #NYSE Having A Market Cap of 20 Trillion USD Just Think How much Fresh money Going to Come Into Crypto Market Once They Launch The BITCOIN Trading Platform........ --------------------------------------------------------------- 4. GoldmanSachs also Planning to Start a Trading Platform Where BITCOIN Can Be Traded Against Fiat Currency (USD) GoldmanSachs is the Fifth-Largest Bank in the US by total assets Worth 916 Billion USD --------------------------------------------------------------- You See All These Giant Platforms Going to Launch BTC Trading Platforms There is not Much Time Left When BTC will SKYROCKET #20KSoon

3 things happened at the same time. Designed to take Bitcoin down to $4000. 1. Hack 2. Federal Exchange records demands 3. South American country closes crypto bank accounts. All at the same time. Normally, that would drop Bitcoin by 20%. We lost 5. This is because most of the Bitcoin is not being controlled by a few billionaires. And they can't be bothered to sell. Expecially when they know Bitcoin will make them trillionaires. We should bounce back very soon. Learn to see through the short lived attacks of our enemy. It held strong.

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BREAKING: Mt. Gox ‘Bitcoin Whale’ Trustee Won’t Sell Any More BTC [] ⬆ +3

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RT @Cryptos_Aus: The Huobi Group have today launched Huobi Australia, a new #crypto exchange offering fiat AUD pairings for #Bitcoin, #Lite…

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