Hi will work for it :)

See how many new members we can get today. 😁

@qilqils look forward your magic to expand to 2 digits for this group first

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Hi guys. Will spread the word

Let's see when the magic happens

Let us make slow growth. This isint a pump and dump

Thanks for helping out here. We are planning for some attractive incentive program for SEA community. Let's get more members in and stay tuned. 😂

If iost garners enough attention. I might concider hosting a community meet / tech presentation event in KL

Have been hosting a number of coins in Kl

But for now. Lets jusy build the community ever so slowly.


Feel free to gradually invite your friends to join this group

There’s a space

Hi Fahri! Welcome 😊


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The community is small. But qe are growing. Every innitiative counts.

Feel free to drop some questions and invite your mates to join in . :)

Every head counts :)

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