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🏆 1st of the 9 events to win an IOST mystery box!!! Collect ur 1st IOST NFT & win an 1888 $IOST! steps✅ Post on Twitter a story about “my first anniversary with IOST”, hashtag #My1stIOSTNFT✅ Fill in on 18 JUNE!

🏆 1st of the 9 events to win an IOST mystery box!!! Collect ur 1st IOST NFT & win an 1888 $IOST! steps✅ Post on Twitter a story about “my first anniversary with IOST”, hashtag #My1stIOSTNFT✅ Copy your story and tweet link and fill in on 18 JUNE!

IOST Interviewed by People’s Daily- China’s Largest Newspaper Group. People’s Daily- the largest newspaper group in China recently interviewed IOST cofounder Terry Wang when he was attending the Chengdu International Digital Culture Creation Industry Summit. People’s Daily is an official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, published worldwide with a circulation of 3 million.According to People’s Daily, IOST is now one of the top four DApp public chains alongside with Ethereum, EOS, and Tron. In the interview, Terry first introduced the landscape of the ever-increasing blockchain game market, and then analyzed the revolution in the game industry brought by blockchain. He followed by demonstrating IOST’s game ecosystem from the perspectives of IOST’s mainnet technical advantages and successful partnerships. Terry commented that game is the best scenario for blockchain mass adoption. For the whole blockchain game industry, a game can become a best-seller if it brings good quality, entertainment, and characteristics of blockchain. More details:

🚀 Huge newsIOST is the 1st & Only blockchain to lecture to the Chinese government! We’re thrilled to join forces with the Chinese government-National Archives Administration to promote #blockchain & apply it in maintaining the historical evidence of China

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