Counting down till the launch of iPirates ⛵️⛵️⛵️Are you ready to set sail? Do join the new telegram for #iPirates to stay up to date with the latest info!#crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #blockchain #dApp #gaming @guppysio
We are excited to partner with @DOSNetwork which has supported many mainstream blockchains such as #ETH & #TRX, to connect the IOST Dapp ecosystem with off-chain real-world data in a secure, trustworthy & timely manner#crypto #IOST #EOS #big4 #blockchain
Just 5 hours after the launch, iPirates hits remarkable transactions per second speed record on IOST. How high do you think its TPS will reach? Comment below👇Sail your ship on now 🏴‍☠️⛵️⛵️#crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #blockchain @guppysio
According to @dapp_review, just 1 day after the launch, iPirates is now #1 casino dApp & #3 of all dapps on all chains based on 24H volume & 24H transactionsBig congratulations to @guppysio#crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #blockchain #dapps #gaming
📢📢 IOST is invited to be Indonesian Government Consultant & legally traded in Indonesia by BAPPEBTI- the Commodities & Futures Trading Regulatory Agency which runs under the Ministry of Finance Indonesia#crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #blockchain
#IOST can now be used as collateral to secure P2P loans through partnering with the fastest growing P2P lending site in Southeast Asia @constantp2p. This adds another use case for $IOST & our exploration of #DeFi#crypto #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #blockchain
Quick peep into the week of 9th Dec 2019 with @iostWatch: IOSTPay for Woocommerce released by Metanyx, IOST considered for Binance US listing, IOST is invited to be Indonesian Government Consultant & legally traded in Indonesia & more #crypto #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #blockchain

Something is brewing at IOST. Counting down... 6 hours 🤩🤩🤩

📢📢📢Breaking News at IOST is Coming Soon! What you think it is? 🤔 Stay tuned for the official announcement in 2 hours!#IOST #crypto #blockchain #IOSTnews
📢 📢China’s Great Hall of the People holds 1st ever Blockchain Forum- IOST CTO Terry Wang is the only blockchain project rep to present to China’s state leaders, mayors, trade reps, national strategists & over 400 state-owned / private companies
CTO Terry delivered an insightful speech on how to practically integrate #blockchain & the real economy & what’s next for #IOST on 2020, starting with the establishment of Aiou Technology- the hybrid business model of public chain plus consortium chain
👉Weekly Digest by @iostwatch: CTO Terry Wang represents IOST at China’s Enterprise Dev & Blockchain Summit in China’s Great Hall of the People, #IOST ranked #4 most active blockchain, Q4 node contribution submission details & more #crypto #blockchain
📢📢 @NetboxGlobal users can now enjoy over 30 #IOST #dApps with the new integration of iWallet into Netbox.Browser- the 1st decentralized #blockchain backed web browser👇Thanks @BestIost for making this integration happen!
On Yoron, Japan, locals & visitors can now do things like collecting garbages & promoting Yoron tourism on social media in exchange for IOST-powered tokens on an APP developed by #IOST node PHI. Growing IOST experiment & adoption in Japan
IOST is honored to be awarded as a standing member of the Consensus Committee under China Software Association alongside tech giants including Inno Fund, Tencent Virtual Bank, Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute, etc#IOST #crypto #blockchain
Closing the last 2 weeks of 2019 with multiple milestones: #IOST presented to state leaders In China, becomes a standing member of the Consensus Committee Under China Software Association, launches token economy on Japanese island & much more 👇
As 2019 draws to a close & with the start of a new decade, it’s time to #rewind2019 & look forward as we welcome #2020 🎁 Like, Retweet this video with #IOST #IOSTin2019 #blockchain #crypto, Tag 3 friends🎁 Follow us🎁 3 lucky winners get 500 $iost eachVideo credit @metanyx
#IOST awarded 2019 Most Technologically Innovative Public Blockchain Award by Cointime. The award ceremony attracted over 100 prominent #blockchain companies, 300+ industry leaders, reps of multiple industry service agencies & other industry celebrities🏆
Let’s celebrate New Year with @OKEx & IOST by joining OKEX Happy New Year 2020 Perks #iost #crypto #blockchain #okex #newyear #giveaway #airdrop
Aiou Technology, IOST’s Enterprise Arm, was selected as “2019 Chinese Blockchain Technology Innovation Enterprise” by CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute, in an event hosted by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government#IOST #crypto #blockchain
🧧New Year, New Celebrations with #IOST & @OKEx🧧Join the IOST x OKEX New Year Airdrop in the form of OKEx red packets & everyone who sees the red packet will get itMark your calendar on 10:00 - 11:00 Jan 8 (UTC)IOST Telegram
60,000 $iost airdrop today at IOST TelegramAround 20 OKEx Red Packets which value at 3000 $iost each will be distributed at 10:00 - 11:00 Jan 8 (UTC) on IOST Telegram us later today!#iost #crypto #airdrop #blockchain #OKEx
60,000 $iost airdrop today at IOST TelegramOKEx red packets will be distributed at 10:00 - 11:00 Jan 8 (UTC) on IOST TelegramJoin us & grab your red packets today!#iost #crypto #airdrop #blockchain #OKEx
IOST Nodes Showcase is here >> IOST now has 562 nodes in total, with staking volume of almost 4.3B $iost, staking ratio of over 35% & numerous node contributions as IOST heads into 2020!
Initial results for IOST Q4 Contribution Rankings and Rewards are here! 20 nodes achieved Tier 1, earning the highest rewards of roughly 1.32M IOST each. In total, nearly 53M IOST tokens will be paid out to all nodes 👇 👇 #IOST #crypto #blockchain
📢📢Free IOST Account Giveaway📢📢You want to create an IOST mainnet account? For free?Simply join the IOST account giveaway event with @TokenPocket_TP now! Grab your free account by 17 Jan 11:59 AM (UTC+8) 😉🎉👇#IOST #crypto #Blockchain #giveaway
IOST Bi-Weekly Report is here✅ IOST won 4 awards✅ IOST hits a new high in #staking volume✅ Initial results for IOST Contribution Rankings & Rewards are out✅ Starteos wallet officially supports IOST mainnetRead more👇👇#IOST #crypto #blockchain
IOST 2020 roadmap now unveiled!In 2020, IOST will continue its strong momentum and promises to deliver in various areas and contribute to an open, connected and efficient blockchain network.

Final Results for #IOST Q4 Contribution Rankings and Rewards are out now>> In total, nearly 53M $IOST will be paid out to nodes. 22 nodes successfully achieved Tier 1 status, earning the highest rewards of roughly 1.2M $IOST each. Details inside 👇

IOST Node @phi_blockchain is launching #DAO GUILD project in Switzerland. Check out @btc_manager article for more details 👇🏻👇🏻#IOST #blockchain #crypto
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