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Welcome @Topia_Network to IOST! Another awesome dApp brought to you by the acquisition of @IostPlay by Topia Network. New games such as Ultimate Dice, LuckyOne & Sportsbook will be ported over to our network for you to enjoy😉#crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #blockchain #gameshttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1190099914476285953?s=20
#NothingIsImpossible $IOST& $LOL treasure hunting is now live on OnBlock. Participate now to win a thousand times of prizes! Join at #Crypto #blockchain #IOST #ETH #TRX #EOS #emogihttps://t.co/PBKUMabMzB

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sao lâu thế:))))

để sau mình check vs bên ấy làm ăn thế nào mà chậm v:)))

Do network đó người ae @huydo

Doi lâu nhưng 2 acc về êm la dc roi

haha, em còn bị mất cái sim của acc có cơ

:)) sim đó ko chính chủ

Cháo buổi sáng các bác, dưới đây là báo cáo hai tuần của IOST📈 IOST trở thành dự án blockchain đầu tiên có mặt trên kênh truyền hình quốc gia Trung Quốc📈 People.cn & Xinhua, 2 cơ quan báo chí lớn và có sức ảnh hưởng mạnh tại Trung Quốc đã phát hành các bài bình luận về IOST📈 Đai diện IOST được mời đến Thụy SĩVà còn nhiều thông tin phát triển khác https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1191913103384031233?s=20

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IOST partners with Newpool- a decentralized staking pool with the biggest entrustment volume globally to further boost its prosperous staking ecosystem. Newpool is now an IOST partner node and will launch its IOST PoS staking pool on Nov 30, aiming to bring multifaceted PoS staking service to IOST community members. Moreover, IOST will work together with the decentralized exchange Newdex to improve its liquidity and contribute to the prosperity of the whole blockchain industry.https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1192275494596743169?s=20
IOST stands out among public chains with our strong compliance position & focus on valuable Dapps outside of casino gaming, which will be a major boost in our bid to access the Japanese blockchain market#crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #blockchain #dapphttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1192478879996268544?s=20
#IOST free education program in Japan started at Nagoya Institute of Technology last Nov. Till now, more than 7 universities and over 300 students have learned & experienced #blockchaintechnologyWe'll continue to contribute to blockchain education & support potential #developershttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1193364158919540736?s=20

Day bài Phỏng vấn mới nhất với cofounder Jimmy Zhong nhé các bác 😉

Don't miss out the latest interview with our co-founder Jimmy Zhong!What Jimmy’s typical day looks like? POB & scalability trilemma? What are his goals, visions & the upcoming exciting developments for IOST? All covered inside! https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1193921660203593728?s=20

Báo cáo node của IOST:👉IOST hiện có 157 node được bầu và 403 node ứng cử viên👉5 nodes mới bao gồm: STAR BIT, Newpool, FoundGame, Heritage Blocks & PeckShield👉Nhiều sự kiện quảng cáo của IOST NodesĐọc thêm👇https://www.facebook.com/iostvietnam/posts/2093820864097191

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Instant cross-chain token swap now available for $IOST on TokenPocket App. With its in-built wallet facility for #ETH, #BTC, #TRX, #EOS, #BNB you can directly swap any of these tokens directly to #IOST & vice versa without going through an exchange👇https://iost.watch/instant-iost-token-swap-on-tokenpocket/https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1196437950856409088?s=20
“The most impressive characteristic of IOST is its relentless pursuit of blockchain’s fullest potential"- from our community member @AnkarlieSantos. Read her comprehensive article about #IOST, which is officially published on @btc_manager belowhttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1196766782977167360?s=20
On 14 Nov, Our CTO Terrance Wang joined Fujimi town mayor, elDesin, EverSystem & over 5 media at the press conference of Energy Trading PoC- a Fujimi local government-supported project. In Feb 2020, energy firms & 30-40 local residents will use the power trading prototype based on IOST. Fujimi Town Mayor, Mr. Natori, gave a speech and said “By leading this PoC to commercialization, it will create employment in the town and revitalize the region. The locals are also expecting the PoC on Feb 2020. ”https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1196990971906383874?s=20
📢IOST Long-Term Airdrop Program >> IOST has finished the distribution of 10.5M LOL tokens of our Long-Term Airdrop rewards of Oct as scheduled. Check your wallet for rewards now!🎁#crypto #iost #eth #eos #trx #big4 #blockchain #EMOGI #LOL #airdrophttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1197047240356843521?s=20
📢Chương trình Airdrop dài hạn của IOST>> IOST đã hoàn thành việc phân phối 10,5 triệu LOL token- phần thưởng Airdrop dài hạn cho cộng động voters của IOST vào tháng 10 như dự kiến.Kiểm tra ví của bạn để nhận phần thưởng ngay bây giờ!https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1197047240356843521?s=20
China Global Television Network invited IOST Co-Founder @terrence_iost to talk about #blockchain development in China on The Point. Thanks to this opportunity, #IOST became a major representative of public chains for being the first project invited by the national televisionhttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1197823231190679552?s=20
#IOST partners with Fujimi Town to deploy #blockchain in the Japanese energy market. According to the Town Mayor, this project has profound meaning for all local residents & energy companies as it will drive the employment rate & revitalize the region👇👇https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1197907710840332290?s=20
Catch the latest Weekly IOST Digest by @iostWatchRead, Enjoy and Be Informed #crypto #iost #eth #eos #trx #big4 #blockchain #news #IOSTnews #IOSTWatchhttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1198803232589406209?s=20
IOST Biweekly Update 11th to 25th Nov by Paradigm Fund: IOST partners with Fujimi Town to deploy blockchain in the Japanese energy market & NewPool to Support Mining on IOSTCheck out details below #crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #Blockchainhttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1198984097944653825?s=20
26 Nov 2019: The total no. of transactions on IOST has exceeded 140,220,961, with block height passing 48,712,640 since mainnet inception. 118 tokens have been issued on IOST, along with 553 smart contracts. #crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #Blockchain #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrencyhttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1199289204490067970?s=20
IOST is excited to partner with Japanese company PHI to develop Autonomous Organization Service “GUILD”, a coordinated working platform based on #IOST that aims to significantly increase organizational efficiency, productivity, & motivation https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1199358260983152641?s=20
With recent network congestion on EOS, IOST Watch discussed with our CTO Terrence Wang on IOST fate in the face of congestion and how IOST handles network resources differently 👇👇#crypto #IOST #ETH #EOS #TRX #big4 #Blockchain https://iost.watch/how-iost-handles-network-resources-differently/https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1199516193297584128?s=20
Cập nhật về IOST từ ngày 11 đến 25 tháng 11: IOST hợp tác với Fujimi Town để triển khai áp dụng công nghệ blockchain trong thị trường năng lượng Nhật Bản & hợp tác cùng NewPool để hỗ trợ mining.Chi tiết đầy đủ những phát triển của IOST trong 2 tuần vừa qua 👇👇https://medium.com/paradigm-fund/iost-iost-partners-with-fujimi-town-to-deploy-blockchain-in-the-japanese-energy-market-and-cbdc6e45df73?fbclid=IwAR2hEQZbcUR9yMLLYTKwcOURWrD5kq6z3tc7nWQc8fUMmLl2KOm-uioNDvE
IOST Nodes Showcase >>Hệ sinh thái IOST phát triên mạnh mẽ và hiện tại, IOST hiện đã tăng lên tổng số 163 nút được bầu và 408 nút ứng cử viên5 nút mới đã tham gia hệ sinh thái IOST bao gồm: cộng đồng GOGOC, EOSGravity, Zerodivide, Blockchain Pioneer & CoinInnhttps://medium.com/iost/iost-nodes-showcase-welcome-five-new-nodes-in-our-ecosystem-3e897a7428ac
🎄🎄Head over to IOST Node @sonata_iost to check out the early Christmas giveaway event🎄🎄Participate now till 15 Dec#crypto #iost #eth #eos #trx #big4 #Blockchain #giveaway #Christmas #Sonatahttps://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1200087553581338624?s=20
Given the IOST partnership with Fujimi Town to deploy blockchain in the Japan energy market, @iostWatch outlines some potential & notable blockchain use cases in energy application for your insights.👇👇https://twitter.com/IOStoken/status/1200246150017638400?s=20